Whitney Research - Maine USA and Tianjin, China


IVD Experience Since 1966

Nat Whitney, founder of Whitney Research, was with Corning Medical for over 30 years, first as a manufacturing engineer in 1966, then in various management roles in Manufacturing Engineering, Research and Development, Quality Control, Service, Regulatory, International Marketing, Technology Marketing-Asia Pacific, WW Business Development, and Enterprise Re-engineering. He has a very broad knowledge of the IVD industry. Corning became the worldwide leader in Blood Gas, Auto Chemistry, Immunoassay, and Point of Care from the earliest days of IVD.

Corning transitioned to Ciba-Corning, Chiron, Bayer and is now part of Siemens.

China IVD Experience Since 1983

With more than 30 year history of IVD in China, Mr. Whitney understands the cultural and business differences. He has seen China develop from the earliest days of it's economic miracle. In 1983, he had an office in Hong Kong and was leading the technology transfer of Blood Gas Analyzers to a company in Shanghai and Auto Chemistry Analyzers to South China University in Guangzhou. For some of that time he was traveling on steam trains around the countryside, visiting hospitals that had installed the locally made analyzers, troubleshooting problems and training users.

Small Business Owner Since 1994

Whitney Research began as Whitney International and Whitney Hui Li (the Chinese company),  assisting medical imaging companies in understanding the China market. Soon after, we were asked to be the dealer for several of these companies. So began our experience with "walking the walk", not just "talking the talk". We were an importer and servicing distributor for more than 10 years with a staff of sales people, service engineers and support people. So we understand what was, and is, necessary to sell in China.

Whitney Research Project Work

Whitney Research has been focused exclusively on IVD and exclusively China. We take on specialized projects for the major 3rd party market research firms when a WW project involves China. We also take on projects directly from IVD companies and investors who want to know specifics of markets or due diligence studies on prospective partners. We also have performed market research for NGO's such as Gates Foundation and Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND)  in Geneva. We have a data base of more than 400 Chinese IVD companies and track the sales of the major multinationals. We also follow the progress of Healthcare Reform and the regional pricing guidelines and insurance reimbursements.

Invited Speaker and Publications


Nat Whitney, "Boom Times for China's IVD Market, in IVD Technology [online] May 22, 2013; available from Internet: www.ivdtechnology.com/article/boom-times-china's-ivd-market.



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